09 September 2011

S3 Krypton Laser Fires 85 Miles

Our skepticism meter is firing out of control, but we just can’t help but hope that Wicked Laser’s S3 Krypton Series laser is the real deal. The company says that it can blast beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, reaching an unprecedented 85 miles. In other words, it’s powerful enough to be viewed from space. Other things viewable from space: the great wall of China, the pyramids of Egypt – catch our drift?

Still not wowed. Starring into the S3 Krypton will unequivocally result in blindness, as it will appear over 8000 times brighter than Sun. And it’s green, which helps, since that color apparently is perceived to be “800%, 2,000%, and 19,000% brighter than red, blue, and purple light respectively.”

Inside of the aircraft grade aluminum chassis, aside from the laser itself, is a an internal thermopile detector that detects the operating temperature and can gradually lower the S3′s output, ensuring that you don’t fry your hand off. However, Wicked Lasers says it can operate 24/7 without damaging the laser’s diode. We guess that’s just a testament to its build quality.

Other features include a Smartswitch which can lock out unauthorized users and up to 9 operation modes – including 5 new tactical modes – SOS (Hi/Low), Beacon (Hi/Low), and Tactical Hibernation.

You can purchase the S3 Krypton from Wicked Lasers directly for $299.99

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