08 September 2011

Intel revealed "improvable" proc: G622, Core i3-2102 and Core i3-2312M

Intel as expected officially confirmed the information that three of its CPUs: Pentium G622, Core i3-2102 and Core i3-2312M - may be "improved" while in use by customers. All that it takes is to purchase an advance card and enter the code printed on it into a special "unlock application". All three processors are built on Intel's Sandy Bridge architecture.

Pentium G622 and Core i3-2102 designed for desktop PCs, after "improvements", will turn into Pentium G693 and Core i3-2153 respectively. The payment will only change processor clock speeds from 2.6 to 3.2 GHz for Pentium G622 and from 3.1 to 3.6 GHz for Core i3-2102.

Intel Core i3-2312M will be used in mobile computers; its index after the upgrade will change to Core i3-2393M. Unlike the previous two CPUs, it will not only increase clock speed of the cores (from 2.1 to about 2.5 GHz), but will also unlock 1 MB of cache memory (its total size will be equal to 4 MB). The graph demonstrates the increase in productivity of Core i3-2312M after unlocking some of the functions.

Besides demonstration of visual graphics on how has processor performance increased in different applications and test suites after "upgrade" Intel gave no additional information. At the start of the paid "improvement" program upgrade cards cost $ 50. Probably, in case of these three processors the cards won't cost less than that.

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