11 September 2011

iPhone Controlled RC Truck with Dexim AppSpeed

Griffin’s HELO TC iPhone Remote controlled helicopter was almost the complete package, until we discovered that the flying toy communicated via infrared. That means you need line of sight to the device if you want to maintain control. Not really a practical solution for something that can hover above the Earth’s surface. That’s why we’re gonna differ you to Dexim’s AppSpeed Monster Truck.

Instead of utilizing infrared communication this RC vehicle depends on a small custom built RF transmitter that plugs into the iPhone’s 30-pin dock. An accompanying (free) app allows you to administer controls using the touchscreen, or if you’re of the daring type you can try your hand at the gravity sensor mode. To accelerate and break you just tilt the handset back and forth and to change direction to the left or the right. It even includes 3 preset stations which allow you to “ZigZag, Spin or Dance your vehicle to music.” And for those of you looking to race your friends, it would seem that you can set the frequency to which you transmit so you can race friends, but how many we don’t know.

The Dexim AppSpeed Monster Truck sells for $69. There is also a car version.

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