25 March 2014


06 December 2011

CloudFTP share anything on Apple by HyperDrive

CloudFTP features a powered USB port (just like on a computer) that connects and strength of any USB mass storage devices (USB hard drives, flash drives, card readers, digital cameras, etc.). What are we talking about? Hard drives Seagate GoFlex Wireless intended for the iPad and iPhone users who are challenged with a cap on the capacity of their devices. This hard drive provides up to 500GB of data storage and allows anyone with a WiFi enabled device to connect to wireless and play movies, music and regular access vareity and other document files.

03 December 2011

ODDIO1 a trendy set of headphones free cable

Surprise for the lovers of music, especially users of iPod shuffle. ODDIO1 comes with combining the iPod Shuffle with a pair of headphones sound great for creating a cool new trend in the world, a simple, cable-free training experience. Micro music player like the iPod shuffle is great paired by designer Jeremy Saxton & Jacob Hall has developed ODDIO1, a pair of headphones that go with all the cables are not necessary - Holster shuffle on the right earpiece.

30 November 2011

Tascam iM2 Hi-Fi Stereo Mic for Apple product

So you have the desire to record a lecture at school or Wu-Tang concert you about the present, but you just do not believe the mic on your iPhone to do the full trick - how about the stereo mic that comes easily from the Tascam? IM2 slot into the dock connector and presents itself as a USB audio device. Tascam iM2 Hi-Fi Stereo Mic for Apple product, It has its own analog-digital converter, and use their own pre-amp, which allows it to handle up to 125dB without blowing sound.

27 November 2011

iPhone Lens Dial change wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto lenses

It's no secret that the iPhone is edging toward a special camera for many owners. But standing in the street which is one constraint: With only a single lens isn device, ideal for all shooting situations. After all, getting new glasses is like getting a new lens for your brain. (If only our health insurance covered the Canon L lenses). Which must be why Dial Lens EYE caught our iPhones. It looks like Phoropter, that the doc uses a small tool to test our views!iPhone Lens Dial change wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto lenses.

26 November 2011

Aquabotix Hydroview Robot Submarine Controlled from iPhone

Aquabotix Hydroview Robot Submarine Controlled from iPhone . Unfortunately, you can never set foot in this submarine. But this new robot submarine Hydroview Aquabotix bring a new dimension to remote control the IOS, and allows you to explore the oceans. The Aquabotix Hydroview robotic submarine is an underwater vehicle equipped with a lightweight high-definition cameras and LED lights. Instead you will control your use of IOS or Android device - your device back in the direction you want to travel and also work with laptops.

25 November 2011

HP X7000 dedicated facebook button Wi-Fi Touch Mouse

HP has quietly launched their X7000 Wi-Fi Touch mouse, combining wireless connectivity and touch-sensitive technology to the pointer looks slick. Mouse has an unusual curved shape, which will not match the left-handed and glossy black finish. The unique curved shape arc to the right, however, mean left-handed users need not apply. Mouse has six programmable buttons, including separate buttons for access to Facebook. There is a touch-sensitive strip in place of ordinary scroll wheel. New wireless technology provides a stable signal reception from up to 9 meters.

21 November 2011

Phantom Miro M110 Camcorder that captures super slow motion

Introducing the third generation of the Phantom Miro cameras. Small, lightweight, rugged and packed with advanced features. The high speed of the most accessible camera available today, Miro M-Series cameras are ideal for a wide range of applications requiring moderate frame rates in the general resolution. Of all the tricks of cinematography in this book, few are as effective and primitive as a super slo-mo, and some names are as synonymous with time-stretching technology such as Vision Research.