05 May 2009

USB Flash Drive with OLED Display

A unique USB flash drive has recently been patented by the Ennova Direct Corporation (DBA ION Technologies). It represents the new age in the drives’ history due to its specific features which no one of already existing flash drive has. However, Ennova has not yet given a name to its new drive.

It is a biometric flash drive that combines interactive OLED display and retractable USB connector. Of course, this is not the only drive with retractable USB connector; the uniqueness of this device consists in other features.

It has a built-in cover for the OLED screen protection. The OLED display has a specific purpose: it serves like a built-in biometric fingerprint scanner, aimed at showing success and failure and changing its color depending on the fact if the user’s fingerprints correspond to ones stored in its memory or does not. Additionally, the OLED screen serves as an interactive interface that allows controlling and choosing your files and initiating some functions without using computer interface. Moreover, USB flash drives have big memory capacity reaching 64 GB and can be used as external backup drives, according to Ennova.

If you lose your flash drive, no one can use it, for they will not be able to move out the retractable USB connector, if the fingerprints do not match. So, if you value quality and security, this flash drive is for you. However, there is no information on its price yet, but, supposedly, it will be quite expensive, for the OLED screen and security it offers, are worth much money.

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