06 May 2009

Auto-Rotate Wooden Projection Alarm Clock

Clocks are of vital importance to everyone, but the majority of us want to know what time is without getting up or changing the position. What can you say about an alarm clock that displays the time on the nearest wall or the ceiling? Of course, projection clocks already exist, but Oregon Scientific presents an alarm clock with specific design.

The alarm clock represents a large LCD display screen in a wooden frame.

Its specific feature is that it can project time in either vertical or horizontal direction due to the auto-rotation. Users can choose the direction depending on their mood by installing the projector in any side they wish. Additionally, it is very convenient during night for the numbers are easily seen on wall.

Showing time is not the only possibility of this clock. Additionally, it shows the inside and outside temperature on the LCD display and predicts the weather for the next 24 hours. However, there is information on its price – 130 USD, but the release date is unknown.

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