10 December 2008

Logitech Z500 Wireless Speakers

In an age when everybody strives to be as effective as possible, without having to take care about numerous wires, Logitech Z-500 Wireless Speakers is another gadget created for the comfort of laptops users, and not only. The high-performance wireless technology used by the Z-500 speakers provides consumers with the opportunity to place the speaker wherever they want and enjoy quality multimedia, including music, movies, etc.

Buying the Logitech Z-500, one gets the speaker bar, a mini-USB to the USB cable, a short audio cable, as well as a mini-USB charging cable. For those worried about the physical look of the gadgets they own, Logitech Z-500 would most likely satisfy any sophisticated taste, as the appliance displays class and professional appearance. At the front, it consists of a black surround cradling four metal speaker grills with the only instructions placed on the front of the Logitech logo, as well as the button showing a Bluetooth connection.

Users of Logitech Z-500 think that the buttons are a bit too small, but in the long run it does not affect the functionality of the overall system. Some detail that the producers of Logitech Z-500 seem to not have taken into account is the mute button, which for some is quite an important option. At the same time, Logitech provides some very useful auto-installing software, which is compatible with XP, Vista and Mac OSX, feature that allows you to manage the volume on individual applications.

When it comes to options of getting music to play, Logitech Z-500 offers numerous choices. It will work with any Bluetooth device, taking into consideration even the most updated mobile phones. Logitech Z-500 takes care of wired connectivity through USB or 3.5mm jack. Complete lack of restrictions is established through Z-500’s Li-ion battery which works for 12 hours without interruptions, which is enough for running the speakers for almost a day.

When it comes to the sound quality, considering the fact that it is a small speaker bar, it provides quite good sound quality, audio being full-bodied, but the highs and the bass could use some improvements.

The Logitech Z-500 Wireless Speakers represent something useful, but at the same time the price seems to be quite expensive comparing to other similar appliances.

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