12 December 2008

Nokia releases firmware v12.043 for N96 smartphone

Nokia N96 firmware v12043The last month of each year is not probably the time for only big releases, so people could feel themselves free to choose New Year presents for their friend and relatives, but it is also the good time for manufacturers nevertheless to get busy with what was not perfect thru the past year. The case in which we are mentioning it is the latest Nokia N96 firmware update v12.043 available from today's morning December 08. And it is a good move from Nokia I suppose, because even within a few hours from the moment after first lucky N96 users have installed v12.043 to it, the web started filling up with positive comments. Well done for Nokia as it may now expect better profits from smartphones in the "hot" season of winter. So, let's see what N96 firmware v12.043 is all about.

First of all mind you that the latest N96 v12.043 firmware is not up to bring too many of new features. As we started with Nokia was not perfect with its flagman N96 model, now is a good time to fix it along with many other Nokia devices which get their firmware updates regularly. That is exactly the way it should be and it doesn't mean that Nokia puts up for sale underfulfilled gadgets. In the meanwhile, the updated devices show a bit more of what was expected, not only patches for obvious bloopers. More concrete on N96 with v12.043, it now has: camera performance update. It shows in less motion blur and color bloom effect. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have enhanced interoperability. Messaging fix doesn't alter SMS text into MMS if case when the SMS was sent to more than 20 numbers. With an additional download, compatibility with Nokia Email service is available. And, except for fixing crushing applications, many more changes in screen settings, themes and ringtones, etc.

Overall firmware v12.043 made N96 faster and more reliable with plus 45 free MB RAM after boot. The updating pack has 120 MB at Nokia official web site, or over-the-air it would be only 3 MB.

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