08 December 2008

Sony Ericsson introduces W705 Walkman Phone & Wireless Home Audio System MBS-900

A new successful innovation by Sony Ericsson will certainly make music lovers happy. Introducing many new features, the W705 Walkman Phone presents numerous additions in order to satisfy people that are in time with all the music developments and who strive to be step in step with all the technological trends nowadays. The W705 Walkman phone launches advanced wireless connectivity with a good audio experience, taking the commitment to provide customers with a wide choice when it comes to an unforgettable day-to-day musical experience.

Future users of the W705 Walkman phone can stay in touch with the newest musical releases, connecting to the best songs and videos on such networks as YouTube, as well as get a hold of different tunes wirelessly to the MBS-900 speaker through Bluetooth. Consumers will notice that the W705 sound stands out by its clear clarity, offering a dynamic and rich sound experience.

Since such Walkman features as the music recognition application TrackID, SensMe and Shake control, that changes tracks with a tap of your hand, were popular among other Walkmans, the new W705 also includes them, providing almost all the features that contribute ultimately to the success of a Walkman Phone.

Another feature available on the new Sony Ericsson W705 Walkman Phone is the PlayNow arena which brings a wide assortment of mobile entertainment such as exceptional themes and wallpapers, ring tones, including DRM-free music tracks and TrackID charts from different parts of the world.

An important plus to the Sony Ericsson W705 is the Wireless Home Audio System MBS-900, which allows users to connect wirelessly to their phone via Bluetooth, providing the alternative of adjusting music settings from a different room. The MBS-900 provides such additional attributes as transferring music from PC and MP3 by using the 3.5 line-in function, built-in FM receiver that you can listen to independently of your phone.

If summarizing all the features that Sony Ericsson W705 presents, the list includes the following characteristics: desktop direct search to online music, Wi-Fi and DLNA certified™, PlayNow arena, the Shake control which switches tracks and controls the volume, SensMe, option that helps create playlists based on the future consumers mood rather than by artists or genres, a large 2.4” screen that enables users to view websites and emails with high clarity.

Other features that will probably be found useful by users of the new W705 include Google Maps for Mobile, a tool that will improve one’s chances of not getting lost, a 3.2 megapixel camera, and a 4GB memory card, which gives the chance of storing up to 3900 songs.

For those concerned about the appearance of the Sony Ericsson W705, it is interesting to notice that W705 comes out in a stylish exterior in colors of Luxury Silver and Passionate Red.

Sony Ericsson announced that the new W705 Walkman Phone & Wireless Home Audio System MBS-900 will be released in certain markets at the beginning of 2009.

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