02 July 2008

Olympus 360 degree lens camera

Olympus brand new gadget is about to appear. The announced device claims to be a break-through in world digital camera production. New model of 360 degree lens camera is being developed by engineers for more than half a year and now pre-production models are under close consideration.

The idea is not new, and we have seen a lot of prototypes (Kaidan 360 OneVR, etc), but the Future Creation Laboratory, Olympus’ subdivision which is in charge for development of the 360 degree lens, is the first to advance so well at the moment. Their know-how is three centimeters in diameter glass. Its composition is patented and for some time will be kept in secret. Other tips about its components are yet unknown.

The advantages are obvious: small and light gadget is able to cover the whole horizontal spectrum, which has 360 degrees and 180 degrees in vertical platitudes, and, no doubt, ultimate resolution picture area. Such a way Olympus offers redoubled possibilities for security systems. For needs of video conferences the camera can be equipped with a directional aiming microphone. This one helps to reduce unnecessary noise and improve quality of sound. The list of application spheres will be practically endless as soon as the gadget gets a reasonable price.

However there are still numerous difficulties Olympus’ engineers have to cope with. Those may probably drag gadget’s release up to long-term outlook. One of the problems developers face is proper software development for users, which will correspond to all camera’s advantages. Any way we expect to see first handy prototypes in autumn, though no terms are revealed.

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