27 June 2008

Dell will penetrate on a low-cost laptops market

After that OLPC initiative was taken over by other companies as Asus, Intel, Elonex it is time for Dell to enter the low-cost laptops market.

Although the sources do not give information like what will be the name, technical qualities, operating system, the date, when it will be available and the price either, we can surely say that on this segment of market will appear a new competitor for the already existing models.

At the end of the sixth edition of D: All Thinks Digital conference, Michael Dell showed to the Brian Lam from the Gizmodo a model of a laptop with law dimensions, which will be as he said, launched very soon by his company. But he did not offer any details. Brian hopes that in the interior mini laptop is based on the Atom platform and about the exterior he remembered a number of the equipments 3 USB 2.0 ports, a card reader, a VGA port, Ethernet and of course red color.

Knowing the quality of Dell products we have to wait a really good laptop. It is remaining only to know the price.

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