18 July 2008

New iPhone 3G will be cheaper

iPhone 3G is one of the most frequently discussed gadgets on the web. And after Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, that took place in San Francisco in June we have even more speculations about it. Modified iPhone announced there provides discrepant feeling and yet leaves some questions related to its upgrades. But we sure appreciate tendency to not increase gadget's price.

Steve Jobs introduces new Apple iPhone 3GAbout iPhone's price let us appeal to Shaw Wu's words. This American Technology Research analyst said before the conference that integrated virtual keyboard, for example, is only one of the ways to the price reduction and presumed more others. He also mentioned Apple's overall orientation to concentrate on dealer network for making iPhone even more accessible all over the planet.

Apple has sold iPhones to the sum of 5.4 millions which is not much to global market of mobile phones That is why they didn't delay sales for too long (new iPhone 3G is already available in Europe, North, partly South America and in the most other primary markets). Another bait for clients is a free phone for most "talkative" users. If your tariffs per month are higher than 75 pounds, you are up to get a free mobile phone.

How all the introduced modifications will work together, we will find out later, when more gadget lovers examine 3G in everyday use. And while they do, let us get back to some kind of wishlist for previous iPhone 3G:

* More operator networks available
* Better camera and accustomed video recording mods, video calling option
* Synchronized Bluetooth
* while Internet surfing some additional options like cut/copy, paste text or any other info in SMS, MMS or in file storage
* Keyboard switchable to normal and landscape mods mods

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