17 February 2010

More news on Apple tablet

More and more news pop up as we approach to January 27th - the day of big Apple event that will bring in the world some official information on Apple tablet, widely known as iSlate, announcement of iPhone 4G and iPhone OS 4.0, plus new Mac OS X version. That said, we will now try to bind in some of the freshest leaks on basically all four products.

A trustful source close to Apple insiders stated recently that the tablet (model number K48AP) is going to be powered by an ARM architecture based processor, will be the first to feature Apple's latest touchscreen navigation technology and will be a hyperbolized iPhone overall.

That brings up the question whether the tablet is derived from iPhone 3GS or plausibly shares the same platform with iPhone 4G. As we know, iPhone 4G will be nothing like the current version considering hardware and software. UI, I am sure, will stay pretty close to what we have now and that's a good thing since iPhone is so popular for being extremely user friendly. Given that, I think Apple shall develop an iPhone OS 4.0-like operating system for the tablet rather than Mac OS X-like. However, some say that OS X update has been hold off because of some tablet-related bits here and there. Well, two weeks of waiting is what left.

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