17 February 2010

St. Valentine's Day gadget gift guide

Saint Valentines Day is here. This has always been a time for some of the most romantic moments of the winter at least, if, of course, you have someone to share it with. I hope you do and if so, you will be thinking of some kind of present, something bigger then flowers and congratulation cards. So, our job here was to compile a list of what gadget world has to offer on the occasion of Saint Valentine's Day. Most of it is completely unisex and will suit a pretty large range of ages and interests.

8GB USB flash drive necklace $69.99

For starters, some St. Valentine's Day trivia. A USB 2.0 flash drive in a good looking heart-shaped body. So it is a bit of both: gadget and jewelry and the only female accessory on the whole list of presents. The looks of it are down to brushed metal pendant, shiny crystals and a universal neck chain. The techy filling is an 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive. And it costs $69.99. Significantly more than a double capacity memory stick, but the effect of useful jewelry realy does the trick.

Apple Magic Mouse $69.00

If you are ¢99 short on the necklace above, you can choose a much more exquisite Apple Magic Mouse. For $69.00, which is a price of a hardcore gaming mouse, Magic Mouse delivers one of the most elegant shapes computer peripheral can get and wireless signal transmission from laser sensor. The last bit is, by the way, prerogative of gaming hardware, but that is one of the last things its owner will do whoever he or she is. Its for Macs. That said however there is a way to make it work under Windows family operating systems. Be advised though to prepare a bit of explanation on that. In rest a Mac owner should be glad to get any Apple peripheral.

Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 $89.72

Another Valentine proof gift for all. A webcam is a perfect and one of the only tools for online video conversations. The thing about webcams is that one hardly gets any satisfaction from the fact that he or she is visible to the others, so not many bother themselves to buy and use one. It is than your chance to find a reasonably priced gift that will in fact be a good and long lasting one. $89.72 can buy you this Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 with Carl Zeiss lenses, auto-focus, brightness adjustment, face recognition, etc. It will take 8 megapixel photos and record 2 megapixel 16 : 9 video. Not bad for ninety bucks.

Sony DPF-D82 7.57 $99.99

Digital photo frame is another variant for your Valentine. You can think of it a small screen and memory module bound together and operated by minimum of software just to get pictures from memory appear on the screen. This particular digital photo frame from Sony has 1GB of onboard memory. They claim it will store two thousand images. Only in low-res I assume. Anyway, it's expandable with MS, SD and other cards. Sony DPF-D82 has an 8 inch wide 15 : 9 LCD, black body, remote control. Overall it's a good call for a gift and surely worths $117.57 it is asked for.

LaCie Grand 1 TB USB 2.0 external HDD $99.99

Earlier on we looked at some desktop peripherals. This one though I thing is the most biased to practicality rather than fancy design. An external hard drive comes in handy everywhere from PC to DVD player. If you follow industry news you might be aware that USB 2.0 technology is pushed out of the market slowly but steadily by the USB 3.0. So, is it ok to buy a 1TB USB 2.0 external HDD? Well, yes. It will take quite a time until similar SuperSpeed enabled unit will cost roughly the same and don't forget about compatibility. Any hardware it is used with must support same specification. LaCie Grand 1 TB is priced just under one hundred dollars and it is good looking as well.

Apple iPod nano 16 GB $163.99

Apple iPods are the most satisfying players in the world and nano is the entrance model to the Apple's player range. If you ask me, it is the prettiest also. The 16GB model costs just $30 more than the 8GB model so you shouldn't bother saving money on capacity here. For $163.99 5th gen iPod offers a full day of music playback, 5 hours of video. But the 2.2" 240 x 376 TFT display is too small for watching full-time movies in my view. Anyway, unlike Magic Mouse we looked at earlier, iPod nano can be freely used with any machine that has iTunes 9 installed.

Cowon S9 32 GB $259.99

iPod nano is not particularly a savior when it come to watching video. For these purposes you'd rather choose something with bigger, better display. Cowon S9 might just be the answer. S9 is not the latest model on the market but an amazing AMOLED 480 x 272 3.3 incher coupled with 32GB storage space come in almost cheap for $259.99. Cowon S9 supports lossless audio formats, popular video formats and will keep showing movies and clips for 11 hours. As a present it will immediately charm with its design, so if your funds can handle it, S9 should be one of the PMPs to choose from.

Kindle 6" e-book reader $259.00

If your Valentine is not the biggest fan of music and videos on the go, than he or she might like a modern interpretation of a good old book. I am speaking, of course, about the Amazon Kindle. Widely established as a best e-book reader, Kindle now faces a big opposition from recent readers and tablets. However, its discreet appearance, reasonable price and updated firmware (don't underrate this fact) made Kindle '09's bestseller. However, choose wisely between 6" model and 9.7" DX. Even if you can afford yourself to buy $489.00 DX that is less portable than the standard Kindle, you give away Apple iPad money for a device that is no better than an iPad.

Klipsch HD 300 Compact 5.1 theater $399.00

Sound system is not the most popular St. Valentine gift idea, which makes it a bit of an alternative to those that are. In the case of Klipsch HD 300 Compact 5.1 theater for just $399.00 you get full flesh 5.1 system, shiny glossy looks, powerful and qualitative sound output. The thing that makes it even better as present, look, you can read it in the name, "Compact" means you can deliver it yourself to your Valentine and set it up right away.

Google Nexus One unlocked $725.00

Google's market policy can be discussed for a long time. Google Nexus One, the latest child of today's Google market policy, and its specs can be discussed for a long time. However, if you choose it as a present for your Valentine what you choose is not a double microphone noise suppression system, or 1GHz Snapdragon 3G QSD8250 chipset. What you choose is unparalled user experience. Because Nexus One has AMOLED touchscreen it has almost double pixel density and much quicker response time than its rivals. Everything else is just a compliment to that really. Surely, you can have Nexus One much cheaper, but that will tie you up to a plan - not romantic at all. Unlocked Google Nexus One is $725.00.

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