21 November 2009

Cheaper VoIP calls with the best VoIP routers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) has become available thanks to Internet and IP that was originally designed for data transmissions over IP networks. However, the speed and the abilities of modern Internet make it possible to digitize phone calls and bring use of VoIP. If you want to use VoIP you just need to buy a VoIP ADSL modem and sign up for this feature from your provider.

So what is the main advantage of VoIP? Its main advantage is its cost as opposed to usual phone calls. Usually we pay a monthly fee for local calls and we are charge per minute for long distance calls. And here is where VoIP calls come in handy; they do not charge any additional fee for long distance calls. So the savings using VoIP can be enormous. Even though the VoIP router price is decent it will save you much more on phone calls. Besides, you can call any VoIP phone or ordinary phone from your PC or VoIP device.

Usually VoIP routers have RJ-11 FXS ports for regular phones, and RJ-11 FXO ports for fixed-line connection. On the other hand you can buy wireless VoIP router that will give you the ability to use wireless devices to make phone calls. This is very convenient when you need your device to be portable and usable wherever a VoIP router is. VoIP advantages are obvious and their main one is the cost of phone calls.

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