22 November 2009

Anti virus protection with H1N1 Destroying UV Wand

While panacea from known by whole world virus of H1N1 is not found, we have to be careful and to keep our watchful eye in order to avoid it. Though some producers declared certain success in vaccine creation, new useful gadget can help us to prevent this specific virus spreading and affecting our and our family. This new gadget that fights against H1N1 virus, is named as UV Wand was recently released by Hammecher, and I extremely useful in many cases.

First of all it destroys many known and very dangerous bacteria and viruses. Second that is important that during laboratory tests UV Wand showed great result - after 5 seconds nearly 99.98% of the H1NI virus was destroyed. Everybody can agree that in usual life to wear protective mask is not comfortable solution.

New created Wand was made especially for it - to protect us and to make comfortable our living in tough environment conditions. This gadget with use of save UV-C light eliminates viruses from different structure surfaces. It also easily kills different molds, dust mites, different harmful microorganisms, bacteria - by penetrating into their DNA and destroying them easily.

The H1N1 UV Wand is made for use not only in medical institution, but rather for daily use of modern busy people. Now is so easy to sanitize the gadgets that might be in use by infected people and also as well as a preventive tool for keyboards, phones, other big and small gadgets. This wand is very practice and easy in use. If to describe it by few words - I can say that it comes as a stick shaped gadget, that easy to hold, user friendly and easy to operate.

Cordless and handy, switches off automatically when light is turned upward. When fully charged - (eight hour charge by AC. 24" L x 5" W x 2 1/2" D) operates 1.5 hours. Overall it is an easy and comfortable way to do something worthy in order to be healthy, save money on hospital bills and to continue active life.

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