24 August 2009

Announces MMO gaming orientated Naga mouse

News from Gamescom 2009 and indeed good news because we forever had been thinking of how many buttons can there be on a mouse? Razer is right there with a new gaming Naga mouse. Do want to have a guess how many buttons they have stuffed on it? Wrong – its 17. The thing is Naga is not covered randomly with them, on left side it has a full 12 piece numeric keyboard which is there to help with gaming so you don’t have to roam all around the actual keyboard and keep the left hand exclusively on movement controls.

Behind the new design we find a familiar 5600dpi engine with 1ms response time. Enough for MMO games really, but in addition to Naga, Razer offers Add On software which allows Naga users to create unlimited number of profiles all with unique commands and key presets. And, finally, to sum up gaming enthusiasm, Razer also offers a Megasoma gaming mouse mat. This will suit optical and laser units for 49.99 USD. Razer Naga for size runs up to 79.99 USD. Well, who said MMO gaming is cheap?

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aion kinah said...

I just find the design a bit impractical. Aside from the fact that the gaming mousepad is way too expensive. It's still a mousepad and nothing else. Assigning macros to my WoW or Aion Online characters is time consuming and if I accidentally messed that up coz of the numpad on the mouse, I'm dead. I think the steelseries mouse is still better than this.

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