10 May 2009

eWoo eFizz Travel Speaker For iPod Review

While iPod speakers are a dime a dozen these days, it’s often hard to find a really good one for the money. Ewoo, while sounding like an overseas car manufacturer actually makes a travel speaker dock for the iPod called the eFizz Travel.

Boasting up to 20 hours of wireless battery charge, the eWoo eFizz is an ideal companion when the scenario calls for no electrical outlets. Featuring an attractive all black finish the eFizz is head to toe speaker grill. Being one of the smallest iPod speaker docks I have used it is fairly lightweight and easy to hold. My iPod Classic 80g fit very snug and secure and the eFizz had a very cushioned and balanced posture sitting upon any level surface.

Operation was pretty simple overall. Colored lights denoted what was going on with the rechargable lithium-polymer battery and the remote while very basic, performed well. One of the touted features though, the “One Touch Info Button” did not work whatsoever. The user manual CD was vague at best and the email I sent two weeks ago to customer service has yet to be replied to. What it is supposed to be is some on screen iPod interface that shows battery level and some other things but I could never get to it. Not that it was a truly imperative feature it would have been nice to explore all of the eFizz’s offerings. Note: I did actually see this screen twice for a couple seconds at a time. It was totally random and I could not get back to it. All it displayed was the level of charge for the eFizz.

The eFizz connects easily with iTunes via supplied USB cable which is cool if you have it near your computer for transferring music or downloading new firmware. Note that you need to have power supplied to the eFizz in order for it to sync to iTunes. Though the eFizz has no real body controls to speak of, it’s easy to scroll through the actual iPod as it sits in the dock. What I would like to see most of these travel docks are storage areas for the remote and power cord so there’s not so many loose pieces. Also of note is that while wireless, the eFizz will not charge your iPod.

Sound wise I was’nt super impressed. The max volume wasn’t all that loud and the speakers were a bit tinny. Not that they were bad, they just sounded really small, because they are. At low volumes everything sounded fine as long as it didn’t have to compete with any extraneous noise. There was a bit of volume muffling that wasn’t totally distracting but noticeable to say the least. By my bed I did enjoy the low volume as everything sounded clear and crisp.

What will make the eWoo eFizz Travel stand out amongst the hundreds of speaker docks will be its wireless capabilities, long battery charge, and extreme portability. While the sound won’t blow you away, it will be best heard at small gatherings and picnics, or by your bed. FYI, the iPig is still the loudest and best sounding speaker dock I have heard yet.


* Very small and compact
* Wireless with extra long battery life
* Syncs with iTunes


* Sound could be better given price
* Poor customer service “One Touch Info Button”
* Sporadic volume muffling

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