21 April 2009

TailGater iPod & Instrument Combo Speaker

As a “musician” the very first thing I questioned about the TailGater is whether or not it will sound good. Guitar amps are generally tailored for certain specific frequencies indicative of a guitar, bass, etc. They also are generally mono. So combining an instrument amplifier with an iPod speaker dock sounds weird to me. It could be a speaker system disguised as an amp though. What makes me think this is the internal battery inside the TailGater that can run up to 8 hours and has a level indicator. I think it would be difficult for a true guitar amplifier to power a guitar like that.

Especially if it can achieve high decibel levels. Anyway, the TailGater by Ion Audio has a rugged construction appeal to it and would look very appropriate in the back of an F150 at an Allman Brothers concert. It has a variety of inputs and even comes with a microphone for hollering drunken gibberish in the parking lot at some Nascar event. The specs don’t say whether or not you can have multiple inputs going simultaneously. I think that would be a huge feature for this product especially for a guitar player wanting to play over songs in order to learn them or practice soloing or whatever. I’ll try and get one for review and let you know how it sounds. Available now for $199

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