20 April 2009

Solar powered rickshaw will blow you away

Solar powered vehicles are something we are already used to. Energy saving technologies is in fashion and it seems to be a very important factor in helping our planet out of the global warming consequences. London based company Solar Lab is in the thick of designing a solar powered rickshaw that can appear in English roads soon. Rickshaw is a famous Indian mode of transport coming with three wheels.

The cutting edge is scheduled to be released next year with 75% of its power coming from photovoltaic placed on the vehicle’s roof with rest of the power from pedal driving.

The concept is useful for both reducing CO2 emissions and small effort needed for a rickshaw’s driver as the most energy comes from photovoltaic. The concept is alluring and the rickshaw appears to be the first human powered hybrid vehicle which is going to make our brain reel.

The situation with current traffic jams as well as English pollution can be drastically changed thanks to this intelligent high tech solution. Rickshaws caught on and one day will possibly be driven in many cities. According to the experts, the solar powered rickshaws are about to reduce level of pollution as well as CO2 emissions. Solar Lab maintains that one solar powered rickshaw will be able to decrease CO2 emissions by up to 2 tons, which is very amazing.

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