16 April 2009

Smashing turntable for your music to be stable

Smashing turntable for your music to be stable. There are many vinyl lovers no doubts, but did they know about a vinyl revolution to come. This state of the art new player called Denon DP is a breakthrough player which makes it possible to transform your vinyl into a digital file, let’s say (MP3), along with MM cartridge with a rotational speed of 33.1/3 and 45rpm. The sensational player comes with embedded USB port.

Using a USB cable, you are able to save all your favorite vinyl songs in MP3 format once they were recorded into your flash drive. It is going to be available at the beginning of November and will be priced at 235ˆ. Additionally there is a music manager. It will take you minutes to get the whole process finished, so this is not going to be boring. You are welcome to have your new digital music list with all the songs you have hardly forgotten.

Your songs are transformed in 192kbps quality so this appears to be an intelligent back up solution. The new turntable comes in two different colors silver and black. You should not own a personal computer to be able to listen to your newly converted tracks. New player also come with Trans Music Converter, enabling to edit your songs along with Gracenote metadata database to add your tracks to the files.

The new player is going to use Audio Waveform Recognition software with the capacity to verify the first fifteen seconds of the music recorded. You may be surprised, but there is also a software sporting Audio Track Divide which has a capacity to see short breaks to be present between the tracks to automatically put a new tag for each track. But optionally, you may be able to perform this process manually.

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