15 April 2009

Real mouse comes into your house

Real mouse comes into your house. The computer mouse has already become the object we use on a daily basis, but could you imagine that some time in the future this small hand-held device would be more or less realistically looking? The Mouse Mouse seems to have become not just a computer mouse it looks like a real mouse but the one that is not going to scare you to death once you have come into your house. This innovative gadget appears to be covered by the mouse skin, ready for double clicking. As you could possible notice, its wire answers the standards of the idea, with the wire being quiet the same a real mouse has.

Scroll wheel was not also disappeared with this new creation and you are able to clearly see its scroll wheel being placed on the back of the mouse. But be careful, if you are willing to make such a gift to your girlfriend, as the holiday may be turned into disappointment unless your girlfriend works in a pet shop. It is also advisable to keep your cat away from your personal computer or you will hardly be able to find your mouse mouse. No price tag is yet announced but you can be sure, this is more than just a regular mouse. The mouse mouse is a project of Instructables member canida and company.

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