25 April 2009

Best operation with 3D mouse navigation

The SpacePilot Pro is a professional 3D mouse which is ideal for those using 3D applications. The SpacePilot Pro turns out to be more than just a regular mouse. You can see 3D connexion cap which is a big know with a capacity to be pulled, pushed, rotated or sloped. 3D connexion big button enables you to easily navigate your 3D interface. Additionally, there are some special navigation keys for “quick view” capacity along with CTRL, ALT, ESC and SHIFT keys available so that you could easily operate your 3D applications.

Another good piece of news is its new full color LCD display with perfect visual feedback. If you or one of your friends is a genuine 3D software lover, it can be a very nice gift, but it is up to you whether or not you can afford it as it retails for 9. Thanks to this miraculous 3D controller as well as its function keys, high performance and comfort became easier and more pleasing. LCD as well as its function keys makes it possible to visualize outlook, e-mail, calendar etc. It proves to be very useful feature.

Error detection is improved due to new “quick view” navigation keys, with a comfortable one touch access feature. There are 32 possible views whether you need a 90-degree view rotation or clockwise rotation. The SpacePilot Pro is able to automatically define the application. In addition, there is a soft wrist rest which is very useful, no matter if you a left-handed or right-handed user. You will see a very intelligent function keys layout for your easy finger access.

New technologies 3D mouse does not mean you have to get rid of your regular mouse. They can be operated in tandem with each other, making it possible for your sustainable workflow. 3D mouse is supported by more than 130 3D applications. 3D controller has a three year warranty and comes with different drivers including Linux, Windows XP and Vista, Solaris 8 and 10. 3d applications have never been used in such an easy and attractive way.

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