17 February 2009

TuneUp for your iTunes

TuneUp is an iTunes software that uses Gracenote database to fix incorrect music meta data. It plugs right into iTunes to automatically clean your incorrectly labeled music. It finds your missing album cover art, it lets you know when your favorite bands are performing in concert, and provides you with the best music content on the Web.

"Your music's new best friend" Available for both Mac and PC.

After you've installed TuneUp and logged in / registered, you'll notice it has 4 tabs : Clean, Cover Art, Now Playing, and Concerts.
Clean Tab:
Drag and drop 'dirty' tracks from iTunes onto TuneUp to start cleaning them. What qualifies as a 'dirty track'? Anything with missing metadata or artwork.
On average, TuneUp will correctly identify about 85-90% of your music library. Here are a few strategies to quickly find your most troublesome tracks:

- Sort by track name, artist, or album and then scroll to songs that are missing that information
- Search for tracks labeled "Track", "Untitled" or "Various"
- Switch to cover flow/grid view and drag anything that's missing cover art into TuneUp

"Matches" are 99% correct. "Likely Matches" are 80-90% correct on average. For each album, click the drop down arrows at left to see a track-listing and album art options.
Not sure about the song’s original info? Click the play button next to a track to hear it and see its original info in iTunes.
When you're happy with it, hit save.

Cover Art Tab:
Cover Art displays possible matches for every song missing cover art in your library.
Hit save next to any cover art you want to keep.
Click an album to see 4 possible matches, select your favorite one, then hit save in the top box to save that cover to your album.

Now Playing:
Now Playing presents the web’s best content for any playing track. Find your favorite song in iTunes and hit play; TuneUp automatically displays related music videos from YouTube (click the video play button to watch them within TuneUp), upcoming local concerts by that artist, artist news, Amazon song and album recommendations, and eBay merchandise.

Use concerts to see which bands in your collection are coming to town and buy tickets to the show.

Additionally, TuneUp has analyze, undo, and purchasing functionality, but the simple steps above are the easiest way to get on your way to a much cleaner music collection...

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