23 February 2009

Nintendo Wii promo at Amazon

Just a few days ago Nintendo announced DSi portable video game system - another revision of the Nintendo DS. It will appear on the shelves in stores on April 5, slightly more than a mouth from now. Nonetheless it does make buzz already. First of all, it is all about different tweaks and hardware updates but seems to be enough to stay as a bestseller.

Maybe because of upcoming Nintendo DSi, or maybe because of the global economic crisis going on, Amazon decided to do a Nintendo clearance sale. Here however we speak about Nintendo Wii console and all its peripherals.

Here is Amazon's offer: if you buy a Nintendo Wii console for 249.99 USD till the end of the month, you get a 10 percent discount on every piece of Nintendo Wii bundle. I mean really everything comes with reduced price starting with Wii Remote Controller, Wii Nunchuk and Official Nintendo Wii Wheel to all Wii based games they have at Amazon. This is a great opportunity to get yourself a full packed gaming console with accessories and be better off at the end. Overall there are more than 40 items to choose from which is, of course, too much even for the geekiest gamer ever, but feel free to buy some extra Wii Wheels or Nunchuks for playing with friends and family.

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