30 January 2009

iPod finally in bath on The MP3 Mirror

Music, thanks to lots of modern-day portable MP3 players, can stay with us wherever we go and as far as we go from our home PCs. However there are still places unreachable for digital music and they are closer than you might have imagined. The territory of our baths, where all the electronic gadgets and gizmos are banned, is at the same time exactly the place where we want them to be. Long and boring minutes while staying in the bath are best for watching TV or listing to the music. But waterproof TV will cost a fortune, so here is a way out as Antonio Lupi sees it. This is a mirror, equipped with an iPod. Finally, we can use it safely in the bath!

This gadget came out from AL studio labs and is called The MP3 Mirror. But don't be fooled. They haven't designed a mirror, they have designed a waterproof dock for your iPod. It is made from steel and keeps all the electronic and potentially dangerous parts inside. Such a way, and this is the best of what I like in The MP3 Mirror, is that it can be attached to any mirror and you don't have to change it. Also, iPod will be perfectly seen in it in the dark - lighted by a Touch Led. No info on price but once again should be cheaper than a TV.

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