28 December 2008

Wireless USB - no wires, same speed

Wires are getting out of fashion really fast these days. Even though they are going along their path of progress, speeding up data transfers step by step and introducing innovative silicon optical fiber technologies, they still don't fit perfectly in modern day lifestyle. That is because they are a burden to any electronic gadget. For example, Bluetooth hands free devices are popular for not having fibers and so is WiFi and mobile broadband. However, Japanese enthusiasts have introduced some amazing stuff in this field – Wireless USB kit. Yes, it is a kit, not a single device. WUSB was primarily designed for notebooks is planned to be released in the mid Decemeber '08, which is about now, so be ready to go for it if you like it, and if you live in Japan.

The manufacturer of the Wireless USB is well known in Japan Ratoc Systems. The full name of their product is Wireless USB Adapter Kit REX-WUSB1. Besides its technical part, for using it a software installation is required. There is not much information about compatibility, but it is sure compatible with Windows XP 32 bit and Windows Vista 32 / 64 bit, running on machines with CardBus PC's card slots. The installation I was previously talking about is a WUSB driver, and the USB gadget doesn't need anything to be done it, except for plugging it in Wireless USB hub. Its serial number is WD-HUB01. In it its turn, in the computer's or laptop's USB hub fits with above named Wireless USB CardBus PC Card WH-CBA01 and there you go. Now any USB device is acknowledged by the PC without any cables our fibers. It is all up to you how to use it, starting from data backups to printing documents. The WUSB by Ratoc Systems costs 31.500 Yen on the Japanese market.

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