18 November 2008

Sanyo PLCXL51 Video Projector 2700 Lumens Short-Throw

Most favorable technology for classrooms, offices, important meetings, and advertising, PLCXL51 Video Projector 2700 Lumens Short-Throw is a revolutionary product introduced by Sanyo Canada. An important asset for all the above mentioned categories and not only, as it is equipped with Sanyo’s Exclusive PJ Network Interface for wired and wireless networking, also compatible with MAC. Networking capability permits a close monitoring of projector functions from a long distance by usage of your web browser. The new video projector has the features of automatic emailing that can be sent for reporting on the operating status. It is important to notice that its wireless interface is compatible with IEEE802.11b/g standards, offering transfer speeds up to 54Mbps and providing WEP 64/128-bit security.

The features that Sanyo PLCXL51 Video Projector posses make up an imposing list as its memory viewer allows SD card, is equipped with a new optical engine for vertical and horizontal projection, also adapting easily to different projection surfaces. Too many times during an important presentation with find ourselves wishing that our video projector would simply work and never let us down when we need it most. Sanyo PLCXL51 is a guarantee for quality and simplicity of usage for everyone, no special skills required for the set-up and removal.

With the Memory Viewer, the user of Sanyo PLCXL51 has the opportunity to edit projected images with a slide converter, bitmap data and JPEG data. What makes this video projector unique is the projection oriented features that allow a proper alignment of the projector, as well as the Color Board Mode which lets the adjustment of hue when projecting an image on a color other than white surface. One feature that will please educational instructors and educational institutions while using the projector is the supplementary Black Board Mode that facilitates the use of PLCXL51 with all standardized educational boards.

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