18 November 2008

O2 Xda release date is stated

O2 is a well known company that offers a wide range of telecom gadgets, mobile broadband, computer and notebook peripherals. As O2 was been founded in the United Kingdom, its household is its primary targeted market and O2 is mostly known there, so those who find O2 new for themselves and others, let's get in touch with their new product. Today is the day when guys from O2 announced O2 Xda Zest – a new PDA made in cooperation with Asus. A pretty stylish and progressive device they have announced. For those of you who got interested in it, O2 will ask you to wait till the end of this week when Xda Zest will be put up for sale at the November 17th.

As a newcomer in the Xda PDA O2 family, Zest has brought some new blood in it. Don't get me wrong, there is no revolution in any way. Zest is another step in Xda evolution that puts O2 in an embodiment of a modern high-end PDA. Zest differs mostly by its design. Very accurate, neat lines, dark colors are planed to show that O2 PDAs have changed for a better use of busy grown up people – a totally premium segment gadget. Price corresponds – around 250 pounds in both available variants: Pay & Go and monthly payments.

Technical implementation of the Xda Zest seems to work off every last pound it is asked for. Staring from the operating system, Xda Zest runs Windows Mobile version 6.1, all the features don't take a long time for execution. Actually, and some rumors said they were quite sure, that smartphones of the late 2008 are up to run fresh Windows Mobile version 6.5, but no, and it is not a problem to worry about so far. The handset has a slider form factor, a big TFT touchscreen display with 320 x 240 resolution. More from a part of hardware – 3 MP camera. The capacity of built-in memory is unfortunately yet unknown, but it will be expandable for sure. At "the opposite side" of Xda Zest handset's fancy display owner will find HSDPA resources, Wi-Fi, MP3 player, radio and GPS system with two week CoPilot Sat Nav free trial. Some very common packaging for 400 USD probably means that it works with no crushes or any other drawbacks. Well, let's wait few more days to find out.

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