09 March 2008

Wi-Fi Detector Laptop Case - Useful Combination

Wi-Fi detectors became very popular nowadays. Many devices already have Wi-Fi capabilities and number of free hot spots increase every day. There are so many variations of detectors; it is hard to mention all of them. Detector pens, t-shirts, glasses... Unfortunately, they are not connected somehow with Wi-Fi device, so you can simply forget to take the detector with you while seeking hot spot with your laptop or PDA. Detector must have a needed usage so it will not be forgotten at home... And this laptop case is a good example.

Soyntec Wiffinder is a line of laptop bags, which will help their owners to detect free hotspots and know the level of Wi-Fi signal without having to take your laptop out of case. It is a very bright idea, because almost every laptop has Wi-Fi capabilities, so keeping it in this kind of case has two advantages: first - laptop is easily transported and safe while it is in the case, second - this bag will tell you when Wi-Fi signal is detected, so you can take out your laptop and get online. The Spanish Soyntec company offers four different Wi-Fi detector enabled bags to choose from.

If you prefer sport style, Wi-Fi finder backpack will suit your tastes; if you need something more serious then Wi-Fi finder suitcase will be more appropriate.

This is a good example of good and useful combination of useful and needed functions. You will always know whether this area has Wi-Fi signal or not, without taking out you laptop. So when you find a Wi-Fi signal, laptop will always near you to quickly connect to the Internet. The price for this bags are from 62 dollars for backpack or shoulder strap bag to 101 dollars for a trolley suitcase.

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