28 February 2008

Apple launched the new iPod Touch

If you were expecting anything new from the Apple I must fill you with joy. Finally, the iPhone's family collection was joined by the new iTouch device. So what if your iPhone is filled with all sorts of great stuff? The iPod touch has more.

The iTouch doesn't include a phone, that's why its main feature is the text messaging. The iTouch can be connected to internet via Wi-Fi and that is why Apple added some other 5 applications. The main are Mail, Maps and Stock which start working when connected to internet. The coolest of those is Maps which now integrates with your contacts.

You just have to chose a contact, tap on maps and you will be given travel directions in a few seconds. No, it is not the GPS that helps finding directions. It is the Wi-Fi positioning technology – an interesting way to find the location and chart out the map.

Apple has also made some improvements in the touch screen programs so you could take a better advantage from the Wi-Fi. So don't worry, you will be able to e-mail a picture of you lying under Florida sun to your family and friends.

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