07 November 2011

SeaLife DC 1400 capture the amazing underwater world

Sealife DC 1400 is a camera that makes it easy to take amazing underwater pictures and produces HD video. SeaLife latest generation 14-megapixel camera incorporates a diver-friendly designs and six color modes underwater sharp, colorful images and HD video - underwater or on land. Adding housing one hand usability is "Command Central" located in front of a camera shutter button, which allows access to menus and 5X optical zoom. The SeaLife DC1400 digital camera is the easiest to use under water, NEVER. This camera has five widespread "piano key" controls, large shutter button, and the finger-tip control lever that allows scrolling through menus or zooming in and out without releasing your grip from the camera.SeaLife DC 1400 capture the amazing underwater world.

there are other features including a redesigned "Super Macro Auto Focus" lens fitted, which allows photographers to focus in one inch from the subject, and rubber-armored body for shock-protection housing. Ideal for the beginning shooter underwater, DC 1400 includes six pre-defined scene modes for use only under water: mode of diving, snorkeling mode, automatic external flash mode, external light mode, external flash and the light mode, and external flash manual mode .

"The DC1400 is a revolutionary camera that will allow all levels of divers, adventurers and water sport enthusiasts to take amazing photos and High-Definition video with ease and confidence" says Brian Correia, director of sales and marketing. "Ease of use and sophisticated adaptation to the conditions have made the SeaLife underwater world leader in underwater cameras. The DC1400 is really a major technological step forward for underwater photography, and we are proud to introduce as our new flagship camera."

Special SeaLife Features
  • “Piano Key” controls for easy operation.
  • Easy Set-up mode.
  • 6 Underwater Modes for sharp.
  • Expandable with one or two SeaLife Digital Pro Flashes (SL961) and Photo-Video Lights (SL980) (Note: SL970 wide-angle lens will vignette)
  • Spy Mode – The camera automatically shoots continuous pictures at set time intervals.
  • Rubber armored, shock-resistant for rough handling and tough environments.
  • Depth tested to 200 ft (60m) – Guaranteed
  • Manual shutter and aperture control in Ext Flash mode.
  • No O-ring lubrication required – Hassle-free O-ring maintenance, Just keep O-ring clean!

Technical Features

  • HD Video mode.
  • 14 megapixel CCD for sharp.
  • 26mm Wide Angle lens.
  • Super Macro Auto focus from 1” (2.5cm) to ∞
  • Large 3.0” LCD for easy on-camera viewing
  • 25X zoom - 5X optical zoom plus 5X digital.
  • Lithium battery 700mAh for 2+ hrs/200+ pics
  • Fast shutter response time* and quick start-up for fast action photography. *(As fast as 0.3 sec in Ext Flash mode and infinity focus)
  • SD and SDHC card compatible up to 32GB
  • 27 Land Scene modes – Automatically pre-sets the camera for the type of scene.
  • Removable inner camera
  • Optical Image Stabilization (OIS)
  • Manual White Balance control with short-cut key for fast and easy.

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