04 November 2011

Pioneer DUO STZ-D10T-G the future of portable music

"Pioneer has translated its expertise in home theater for personal use with a new line of iPhone-compatible audio / video dock that is equipped to bring high quality audio for the new generation and meet their lifestyle needs are wide ranging," said Chris Walker, director of the group home entertainment business solutions at Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. Pioneer DUO STZ-D10T-G the future of portable music. dance scene, the community, an emerging global connected via voice, passion, motivation, and style have captured our attention. Community dance practice anywhere they can, and until now, no music products that can meet the needs of growing communities.

"For our first entry into the category of the dock, we took a different approach and created each one with build and sound quality as a priority. The entire line is set to vote personally or evaluated by our engineers renowned TAD speaker, Andrew Jones, who also created the exclusive our high-end home speaker line EX "by combining an exclusive set of features and functions with Pioneer's renowned history in sound. quality, STEEZ ™, a branded line of portable music system, capable of opening and expanding the most important qualities that dancers need. An industry first, the system incorporates a portable instrument STEEZ dance mobility, durability, and unique style that makes them "must-have" for any dancer.

  • temp control that allows you to adjust the tempo the track without influencing the pitch
  • dance cue mode that lets you snap back to a select point in the track
  • An auto battle mode which picks a song and announced the countdown for the 1 on 1 battle
  • A dance boost mode which emphasizes the instruments
  • An 8-bet skip mode which skips forward and backwards by 8 counts

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