01 October 2011

Griffin TC Helo big powered helicopter RC

TC Helo from Griffin used to have a "light" big-powered helicopter when I was a little younger, and micro helicopters that everyone and their mother are now issued the same day just does not fly. Indeed, Griffin TC Helo is still a small helicopter, but it's three times the size of the micro. especially since the last IOS device is controlled flying flying slightly better than expected. Will TC Helo fly like an eagle, or just do not get off the ground? Griffin TC Helo big powered helicopter RC.

One of the first things you'll see on TC Helo take out of the box, is how evil looks; larger size means you can actually see the details. Jet black pieces fit very well with solid aluminum frame, and silver highlights on the tip of the rotor does not look out of place at all. Also good, is the fact that Griffin just put their logo on the tail fin, so that is not covered by a large sticker that says "Griffin" on it (plus the logo actually looks like it belongs on a helicopter).

Helo TC also has a lot of lights on it, which makes it very easy to see (and make it quite an eye catcher at the time). The headlights can be turned on and off through control applications, but the red light, blue, and green flashes will always be provided that is connected to the application (if not, you will have one red light flashes to let you know that you are not ready to fly). LED lights only small, so they will not really putting a lot of battery drain well.

Speaking of batteries, can get about nine minutes into the flight the actual cost of 40 minutes - pretty standard when compared to other battery-operated helicopter. that the "flight deck" (or the part that connects to your iPhone to control Helo TC) to take four "AAA" batteries, and give you absolutely no way to check remaining power level. Even when plugged into the iPhone and Helo TC run the application, there is absolutely no way to see how many batteries have the flight deck - leaving you to wonder at times whether it be Helo who lost power, or flight deck itself.

Along with having no way to check the battery, the other functions in the app is not the greatest either. Yes, it's pretty easy to figure out the throttle and steering control, but there is absolutely no clue about some of the other functions of the app. There is one title on the "Flight Plan" which you can use to program the course, but I never could get it to work. Even when I think I have a program that is stored, it just makes Helo crash TC. The only way to even know anything about it though is to dig deep into the application by pressing the buttons are not labeled. Although it may be common practice for dental icons for settings, why the instructions were buried under the other labeled "?" Icons?

At each level, TC Helo not fly quite well in the home, provided you do not have the kind of interference. You see, rather than a true "R / C" helo, TC Helo relies on infrared signals sent from the flight deck to control it. That means you have to basically point at TC Helo deck at any time, or certainly will lose the signal and accidents. Because the sun interferes with the infrared signal the most, you can pretty much forget about flying on the outside except at night.

TC helicopter Helo is the budget, and actually he did better than many other people (unlike some similarly priced helicopter, this could actually fly the battery life and does not crash the whole), but if you want something more substantial you will be left grounded. The Bottom Line: If you're looking for fun indoor helicopter is pretty cheap, it will do well, but do not expect advanced features, or the ability to fly outside.

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