15 September 2011

NWR of Processor speed AMD FX overclocked to 8.429 GHz

AMD announced that AMD FX processor has been successfully overclocked to 8.429 GHz. This frequency is the highest in the world, which has been acheived on a working computer processor. That fact was witnessed by representatives of Guinness World Records book. But first things first.

On the last day of summer in Austin, Texas famous overclockers: Sami Makinen, Brian McLachlan, Pete Hardman, Aaron Schradin and Simon Solotko met together to produce this world record. The purpose of Team AMD FX, which also included experts from AMD, was to achieve the maximum frequency which processor can handle. Eight-core Bulldozer AMD FX unit has been chosen as a candidate. This processor has inherited a rich potential for overclocking from its predecessors, which has been extended through the use of the new architecture and new tech process.

Liquid nitrogen and liquid helium cooling systems where used to keep the processor cool. The processor has demonstrated stable operation at higher voltage and abnormal temperature.

Team AMD FX achieved 8.429 GHz clock rate. This is noticeably higher than the previous record which was 8.308 GHz.

The record was recognized by the representatives of Guinness World Records as the "maximum frequency of computer processors."

By the way, AMD representative confirmed that the deliveries of processors AMD FX will begin before the end of this month. This gives hope that the official premiere of AMD FX, scheduled for the fourth quarter will coincide with the start of sales.

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