25 September 2011

NVIDIA Kal-El on Windows 8

 NVIDIA's official blog has explained the technical details of new products with a horrible name but a promising platform. It turns out that Kal-El is not four but five cores! As you may know, before the end of this year NVIDIA quad core will appear in the market: the code is now known as Kal-El. New NVIDIA NVIDIA-based tablet shows Kal-El on Windows 8.

Four key performance core Cortex A9 is supported by other core Cortex A9. Help "companion core" as the developers call it, is designed for tasks that are less demanding and reduces power consumption device. Work on the maximum frequency of 500 MHz, this core will carry out simple tasks like sending and receiving e-mail, Twitter and Facebook messages, widgets work, backgrounds and animated wallpapers desktop applications. When it comes to the serious tasks such as: gaming, web browsing, re-encoding and editing video and audio, image processing, 3D-graphics, physical modeling, the other four cores will step in and carry out tasks. As soon as one of the four main cores to work additional core disabled.

The technology of dynamic changes in the number of active cores, which brings together a good performance with low power consumption, named vSMP (symmetric multiprocessing Variable).

The maximum frequency of the main core is equal to 1 GHz. The new processor's performance is much higher than the performance Tegra 2. The company estimates that the performance improvement can be up to 50%.

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