27 September 2011

E1649FWU AOC USB monitor Requires Zero Power

Laptop design with limited screen real estate boasts. Well if you update a spreadsheet or word doc nailing, but not if you try to complete the design work in Photoshop. Sure, you could just stay home and sit in front of you dual 30-inch LED monitor, but what fun is that when you can head to the local coffee shop with the latest monitor AOC 16-inch LED portable.

The e1649fwu does not require an external power source because it draws power from your computer's USB connector, which also provides a video feed. Standing a built-in rotating to accommodate the portrait or landscape mode. The screen itself has a resolution of 1366 × 768, 50,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 5ms response time and 250 cd/m2 brightness. Not too shabby for a portable monitor that does not run directly off the grid.

However, no more than 2.1 pounds weight of boys and measures 1.4-inches thick, so it would be like carrying around a laptop is another ultra-lightweight, very fair considering all the heavy 17-inch laptop is almost two times the total weight of two devices combined.

AOC e1649FWU Transportable USB Keep track of Specs :

* Panel Kind: LED
* Widescreen 16:09
* Display Size: 15.6 “w
* Viewable Image Size: 395 mm
* Brightness (normal): 250cd
* Contrast ratio (typical): 50,000,000:one
* Response Time: 5ms
* Max. Resolution: 1366 × 768 @ 60Hz
* Signal Input: one USB
* HDCP Compatible: No
* Specific Capabilities: USB Powered

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