05 September 2011

AMD starts selling RAM branded Radeon

AMD decided to diversify the range of manufactured products: the well-known chipsets, memory and processors are now accompanied with DDR3 memory modules. These products sold under the brand name Radeon Memory were found in the product list of a few Japan's retail stores.

AMD produces three series of memory modules: Entertainment, UltraPro Gaming and Enterprise. In all cases, the volume of one module is equal to 2 GB, but the speeds are different: 1333 (latency CAS: 9-9-9) for Entertainment segment modules, 1600 (Latency CAS: 11-11-11) for UltraPro Gaming modules. Enterprise series modules feature buffered memory with error correction, which is aimed at use in servers and workstations based on Opteron processors.

Discovered in a Japanese store DDR3-1333 MHz 2 GB RAM, which belongs to a series of Entertainment is valued at $ 20. But the prices for UltraPro Gaming and Enterprise RAM modules are not reported.

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