25 January 2010

LG broke the record with "world's thinnest" 42-inch and 47-inch LCD panel

If we thought that thinnest and smallest is something that our days is already hard to produce - we were wrong! LG Display Co., Ltd broke all the records, when announced the world's thinnest 42- and 47-inch LCD TV panels.

This company is one of the world innovators in its area TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) technology. This event happened due to applied and developed by company new technology. The 42-inch 1080p panel has only 2.6mm thickness, weight is also reduced considerably, that is ideal for modern wall placed TV. New gadget comes with 120Hz refresh rate technology. Image on the presented panel is clear and sharp due to boasting full HD (1920 * 1080) resolution. Colors are vivid and natural, saturation level is at 80 per cents.

Both LCD panels (42- and 47-inch) are the products where was used the latest LG Display technology LED (Light emitting diode). Previously commonly used technology was Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp. Only newest used technology allows to create this ultra slim gadget by reducing the thickness by more than 50%. This Light Guide Plate technology changes the whole picture of light beams.

Reduced weight of these products will make them high competitive as 42 panel is only 6.1 kg and 47 accordingly - 7.3 kg, that is a half lighter than the same old technology gadgets. We can consider the race for thinnest world LCD TV announced. Only days remain till the CES 2010 will take part, and as we can see temperatures are already heating up. It is easy to understand why it is happening, because the winner takes it all - whole market.

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TV stands furniture said...

Wow! this thing is awesome! it's even thinner than my mobile phone. LG company sure did a great thing to released! very stunning. I wish I could have one like that.


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