16 November 2009

Xbox 360 Pro 60GB for 249.99 USD

Was it the PlayStation 3 Slim that has made major gaming consoles buzz about themselves more than they got used to, but this month we had a lot really. Anyway, the Xbox 360 was the first one to start the September price drop, as we like to call it.

The current offer at Amazon is: the entry point – Xbox 360 Arcade, sets you only 199.99 dollars back, Xbox 360 Pro 60GB cost 249.99 dollars and this particular one I think is the best deal out of all four available there. Yes, there are four. The other two are of course Elite 120GB for 299.99 USD and a 399.99 USD Elite 250GB Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition.

This one is available only for preorder so far, because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is coming only in November. This might a great time to order a Xbox 360 if you don't have one because we expect a lot of new peripherals for consoles, including new motion controllers, from Tokyo Game Show.

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