15 November 2009

Smooth Creations, Havoc gets overclocked

Here is a perfect buy to enter this weekend. Recently announced ATI Radeon HD 58xx first DirectX 11 video card series makes its way to extreme Smooth Creations' gaming desktops. But the overclocked Radeon HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc they have announced today is just going to eleven. At their official website Radeon HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc is already available as one of the components for their custom desktops, so we couldn't resist and configured a very best of what Smooth Creations offers. See what we have accomplished.

A LANShark Extreme pictured above shouldn't be shown to kids under 7 to not creep them out with its bare rugged awesome. But then they are not likely to come anywhere near it because its price bites even more than the insane styling does. Anyway, we'll keep impressions to ourselves here so that we could tell all about overclocked Radeon HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc. Versus a standard HD 5870 it scores 950 MHz core clock speed and 1.4 GHz memory speed, which of course is a DDR5 unit. All the rest of basic specs, I'm sure you know them, has been added an automatic GPU adjustment for undemanding applications and custom developed firmaware.

You don't want a Radeon HD 5870 1GB XOC Havoc in a lazy-spec PC, right? Neither do we, so this is what we've picked at Smooth Cretions':

* ASUS Rampage Gene x58 motherboard

* Intel Core i7 975 3.33Ghz

* ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB

* 12GB DDR3 1333MHz

* 160GB Intel X25 SSD
* CPU / GPU Danger Den Water Cooling Kit

* Vista Ultimate 64 w/Windows 7 upgrade coupon

* Colorshifting Purpleen Purple-Blue-Green paint

* Smooth Creations 3 Year Extended Warranty

All from above plus painted Logitech keyboard and 1000W power plant sums up to 5,698.00 USD, and you have to bring your own mouse.

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