25 August 2009

Smart Sun Solar cooker to harness solar power

Now is the time for the ecologically friendly cookers. This one called the Smart Sun Solar Cooker seems to be an ideal solution for a family of 2 members. Thanks to the high tech solar cells mounted on top of this sustainable kitchen gadget, it is able to harness solar power even in those cloudy situations.

Designed by Anil Dincer and Murat Ozveri, the Smart Sun Solar Cooker comes packed with solar power and induction heating system making it a cool kitchen appliance for a small family.

Harnessing solar power, the Smart Sun Solar Cooker is then store it for its induction heating system so that gourmets could cook some food in one of three special pots.

In order to cook, this smart gadget uses steam. In addition to that, this clever cooker is capable to be connected to the internet to a special network where you could easily upload some valuable cooking data like nutritional values of the food you would like to cook.

Is not it a good idea to keep track of nutritional values of your meal? No doubts you will have an advantage to live a healthy life style while leaving no carbon footprint. In order to ensure healthy cooking, the Smart Sun Solar Cooker utilizes stainless steel body and promises to take your cooking techniques to the next level.

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