30 May 2009

The three new stylish HP Minis

The Mini Notebook Family has grown up. HP launches new three portable stylish notebooks. Let’s look through them.

HP Mini 110 XP Edition is the first. The ability to satisfy HD picture fans is allocated at the first sight. Mini 110 XP Edition has Crystal HD Enhanced Video acceleration. Also the notebook has 1 GB of virtual memory and 160 GB hard drive. Thorough different possible connection can be allocated presence of WWAN.

HP Mini 110 Mi Edition is made for gourmet users. It is based on Linux operation system and has 2 GB RAM. Consumers can store their information on 250 GB hard drive.

HP Mini 1101 is a good choice for ordinary requirements. Consumers can buy Mini 1101 with XP Home, XP Pro or Vista installed. Also it has a two battery option for those who appreciate time.

The price of the HP Minis with XP or Vista installed is near 330 USD. The HP Mini 110 Mi Edition with Linux costs near 280 USD.

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