07 May 2009

Star Wars Darth Vader Alarm Clock

How will you feel yourself if you wake up and the first thing you will see will be the widely known face of Darth Vader? Star Wars come in our homes in the form of alarm clocks. This clock is not the first of this series. Earlier we had the opportunity to wake up listening to the alarm sound from a projection clock, which represented Darth Vader with his sword. Now we are given another variant of that clock.

This new alarm clock is the black helmeted head of Darth Vader, where you can see red LED numbers in its eyes. It has three alarm sounds to wake you up and a snooze button.

Additionally, there is a speaker on one of the helmet’s side and you will hear some sounds while awakening. Moreover, the clock features AM/FM radio and an audio jack for plugging your portable media player.

After seeing these red blazing eyes pointed on you, I am sure, you will get up very quickly. And you can have this clock paying 30 USD. At least, one advantage this clock has: you will never be late to work.

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