03 May 2009

Small and comfortable Samsung Instinct M800 hands free headset

Freedom, hands-free comfort, great quality and mobility – it is all about new Samsung Instinct M800 Stereo hands free headset. Now you can enjoy favorite music from your cell phone, and also of course to talk on the phone without necessity to hold the phone in your hand. On the go, in the car on office, this gadget will be useful for everybody, because this gadget is very compact, with light weight, amazing. Silicone ear buds will not take the priceless space in your pockets and will provide user with maximum comfort, now is so easy to manage your M800 gadget due to integrated into collar clip answer/end button.

Due to M800 user always can experience high quality full sound with any device via standard 3.5 mm jack. Long, 52 inch cord allows to position portable gadgets wherever user consider comfortable.

Specification & Features:

• Build-in answer/end button for easy access from collar clip
• Soft silicone ear buds for extremely good fit and comfort
• Keeps user safe and free during conversation
• High quality stereo for best sound on cell phone or listening to the music from Apple iPod or other music gadgets
• 3.55mm Stereo plug
• Control your microphone with on/off option for free talk
• Compatible to use with other devices

M800 gadget is small but very indispensable in many situations for all users. Acceptable price (on sale you can buy it with \$11.99) and high quality will find a lot of fans.

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aaLiL BelajarSEO said...

Yup,, mantaab tuh pake hansfree yg model gitu... serasa gak ada orang lain kalo lagi setel musik... hehehe

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