11 May 2009

Scosche reCoil iPod/iPhone Car Charger Review

Nowadays everybody is jumping on the iPod car charger scene but it’s not too often you see one of these. Tailored to de-clutter your dash area while giving your iPod/iPhone all the power it needs comes the 3 foot retractable Scosche reCoil. Lightwieght and pocket size, the reCoil will be an ideal choice for those looking for an automotive charging solution.

Operation is dead simple, requiring you to plug in either end to their appropriate sockets. A vivid blue LED shines to let you know it is receiving power from the car and your normal charging screen will appear on your iProduct. To set the cord length, all that’s required is a type of “pull and release” motion to get it where you like it. That’s it. Normal charging times apply and the length of the cord will still let you use your iProduct no problem.

A minor gripe includes the quality of construction in that I’m just not that sure how long it will last. The main body is made of two pieces of plastic that could possibly see the glue holding them together crack if dropped a couple times. Other than that I could envision a child totally yanking the cord past its spring loading but that again is a considerable longshot.

Contrary to the review on Amazon, the reCoil charges my iPhone 3G just fine. If you are looking for a one piece charging solution for for your car and iProduct I suggest checking out the Scosche reCoil. It’s easy to use, compact, and is on the cheaper side.

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