21 May 2009

The One - men's kerala trance fabulous LED binary timepiece

The one and the only Kerala Trance attract our attention with its new time-telling gadget which looks to be a futuristic oasis. The way the display operates is very impressive with it using a binary code. There is also an instructional booklet with all the technical information you will need. The timepiece is fitted with genuine leather band with 41-millimeter-wide stainless steel case.

Kerala Trance wrist watches are craftily designed with all its futuristic looks and LED technology innovations. The logo “01” is placed on the left part of a dial with two LED lights designed to show the time. Its black dial is absolutely stunning; with LED lights making this gorgeous wrist watch clearly visible even at night. The Kerala Trance watch is water proof up to 100 feet.

The Kerala Trance is all the rage weighing just 90grams is a perfect gift whatever occasion and appears to be very trendy. The Kerala Trance KT102B1 binary watch is made of top quality stainless steel making it looking unbelievably great. LED lights are used to show both hours and minutes with LED ON meaning 1 while LED OFF for 0. So it must be fashionable to have a watch with binary format displaying on it.

If you are about to use decimal, you can change your option with adding the numbers of the lit LED lights on upper row for telling hours while adding the numbers of the lit LED lights on lower row for telling minutes. Upper row include 8 - 4 - 2 - 1 while the lower one has 32 - 16 - 8 - 4 - 2 - 1. If button is pushed the time will be shown for about 5 seconds. This marvelous timepiece has a quality stainless steel black bracelet as well as a battery (CR2032). Its size is 38 x 30 x 11mm and features a one year warranty, so enjoy wearing it.

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