09 May 2009

Nokia E52 - tourists mobile phone

Nokia announced its latest mobile phone from E-series. It is Nokia E52. The phone is oriented on tourists.

Let’s look inside and see why E52 is an answer for tourists. The phone has a 3.2-megapixel camera. It provides colorful photos of a beautiful landscapes and interesting moments. Also E52 has a great endurance of the accumulator. It can work up to 8 hours in a conversation mode and up to 28 days in expectation mode.

Also tourist will never lose their way with built-in GPS-receiver and compass.

With Nokia E52 users will never be alone. Connection to the world is provided by Bluetooth 2.0 and by Wi-Fi. Also the phone supports a virtual private network and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.

Nokia E52 will appear in stores in silver and golden colors. The price will be 326 USD

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