06 April 2009

Wireless Vibrating Alarm Clock

We’ve all got different sleeping habits and if my girlfriend isn’t the most aware of mine than I don’t know who is. With that said, I don’t wanna be woken up at 8am when she arises for work, but yes, I inevitably do thanks to her ear blistering cell phone alarm. The Vibrating Alarm isn’t exactly the hottest piece of gear to hit the bedroom scene, but it surely will be a welcome one for night owl junkies like me. Just place the wire free vibrating pad under the pillow, set the alarm and your partner is awakened by a soft rattle to the dome.

And, since its wireless, with a 100 foot range, it can double as a silent timer that slips into your pocket, but that seems pretty useless given the advent of the iPhone and many other vibrating handsets with a timer function.

Yours for about $40.

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