30 April 2009

To improve you communication - use Jabra GN8000 amplifier

Meet one more universal gadget , one more useful product from GN Netcom – multi-purpose headset amplifier.
New Jabra GN8050 will be very useful for many reasons. This small amazing gadget can easily connect headsets to any telephone type or telephone system.

First of all, it is increasing the quality of calls due to noise cancelling features. User at once can feel the call quality difference, firm volume level which is automatically compressed to deliver to user friendly sound volume, will definitely improve sound quality for voice applications via PC.

New GNP gadget offers additional hearing protection, it comes with special switch between computer and phone, which allows to switch in super speedy mode between IP voice programs and calls. Discussed Jabra gadget is compatible with all Jabra, ACS, UNEX headsets, and also can used with any phone with modular connector.

Key Features:
• GN8000 improves safety and headset output
• Different integrated features to optimize PC or phone system
• Improved sound parameters: compression and voice switching
• High compatibility with different phone types
• Use comfort – light weight, headset and handset switch, silent mute switch, volume controls, on-line indicator, low battery indicator, quick cut protection
• Battery safe feature

GN8000 – is very easy to setup and use, low price is also very attractive – only for 75\$ you can have that useful multy purpose gadget.

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